Love Lost Love Found. Last Love Poem by Ernest Makuakua

Love Lost Love Found. Last Love

What if the love I have is the last I'll ever Give to you, what if this fleeting breath can conquer one more life time...
If I could measure the depths and heights yes it would not reach any higher than Christ's, I'm the worst perhaps of men that you can ever choose from.

No I'm not trying to be pitty I'm a failure, I'm a sinner, buy I offer prayers just so we can hold on a little longer.

My heart has been crashed several times how I managed to manoeuvre to give love to you is yet one of the miracles.

I've cried several times yes I was wrong, yes I messed up not to hold anyone guilty but we are all guilty on parts we played and I remained loving when the only thing you had left was hate.

You see it took me time to believe still I don't fully believe anyone would love me, but then if I love me and God loves me it's enough... another scripture then stood up and knocked down the door I closed.
It is not good that a man should be alone... At some point I got angry because I love but when I do they only leave than to stay if I don't they stay but complain.

Here I'm confused about a lot and the conclusion of this could be my death.
And when poetry resurrect I may just have to give up the guns and bombs. This is my last love if you are walking with me please don't get off the next stop.

I love you, with my last love


Smith is Swain is Smith

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