Love, The Soul Of Poetry Poem by Anne Killigrew

Love, The Soul Of Poetry

Rating: 2.6

WHen first Alexis did in Verse delight,
His Muse in Low, but Graceful Numbers walk't,
And now and then a little Proudly stalk't;
But never aim'd at any noble Flight:
The Herds, the Groves, the gentle purling Streams,
Adorn'd his Song, and were his highest Theams.

But Love these Thoughts, like Mists, did soon disperse,
Enlarg'd his Fancy, and set free his Muse,
Biding him more Illustrious Subjects choose;
The Acts of Gods, and God-like Men reherse.
From thence new Raptures did his Breast inspire,
His scarce Warm-Heart converted was to Fire.

Th' exalted Poet rais'd by this new Flame,
With Vigor flys, where late he crept along,
And Acts Divine, in a Diviner Song,
Commits to the eternal Trompe of Fame.
And thus Alexis does prove Love to be,
As the Worlds Soul, the Soul of Poetry.

Captain Cur 04 July 2017

Absolutely stunning, loved the word play and the theme.

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Susan Williams 04 July 2017

The Acts of Gods, and God-like Men - - - - - I love lines that turn back in on themselves.

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Edward Kofi Louis 04 July 2017

Thoughts! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 04 July 2017

And Acts Divine.... Thanks for posting....

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Rosa Banks 28 November 2009

wow is true love for the art of poetry!

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