Love To Die For

Rating: 2.5

There she was beautiful and sweet,
Is it fate that we were meant to meet?
As she walks over, towards me,
Could this be the day, could this really be?

All the blood just rushes to my head,
And I wake up on the school sick bed,
Have I really missed my chance?

As the day finally draws to a close,
Where she’s gone, nobody knows,
Her friends say she left school just,
I have to see her, I must, I must,

As I bust through the rusty school door,
I see them put the pedal to the floor,
I couldn’t believe what I had just seen,

As the car drove round the tight bend,
I saw him look back; it was my best friend,
He had taken the girl that I wanted so bad,
She was the only love I’d ever had,

In anger I clenched my fist,
And my brain began to twirl and twist,
Why did he do it?

When I saw him again the very next day,
I knew exactly what I would say,
But suddenly I just lost control,
I wanted to take out his heart and soul,

That’s when I took it out and stabbed it deep,
I heard a girl wither and weep,
But I didn’t care if he lived or died,

I knew she was there and saw it all,
But it was not my name I heard her call,
It was my best friend she went and grabbed,
For he was the one that had been severely stabbed,

I thought that she wanted me,
But it just wasn’t meant to be,
Why was I so blind?

I want to forget this day,
For she cried as he was taken away,
Am I so evil because I fell in love one day?
Am I so evil because I wanted my own way?

November 2004

Alicia Evans 06 December 2004

one word 'wow' you have away with words keep going and never give up writing!

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