Love With Peace And Justice Poem by Francis Duggan

Love With Peace And Justice

Rating: 4.5

It's a troubled World we live in the World of today
But love with peace and justice only decades away
In fifty years or less from now there won't be mistrust and hate
The war lords and the men of war will have passed their use by date.

Those who love peace and justice are beginning to unite
And for the men who worship war their loss of power in sight
Soon war jets will not fly the sky under the cloak of night
And those who promote harmony will be the men of might.

The yearn for peace is spreading getting stronger by the day
And those who are divisive will not have a part to play
In the World of the future the racist and the cruel
Will not have any power at all only the just will rule.

The children who are born today will surely live to see
A World of peace and harmony and of war and hatred free
For the yearn for peace is spreading and with each passing day it grow
And war will be unheard of in forty years or so.

Alfredaseer Balsingh 31 May 2020

I funk this poem lllllllll xddd

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