Loving Life Poem by Ruta Mohapatra

Loving Life

Rating: 5.0

Now, at this moment
I am alive
Sitting at a wooden desk
Dressed to my satisfaction
Have had food and water
Penning my thoughts in a poem
Is not that great?

I was alright a moment ago too
I cannot say about the coming moment
Or the moment after that
Does that matter?
At some moment in the coming chain of moments
Something may happen to me
But I am thankful for the present moment

When exactly did I learn
To live in a moment?
Can't say
Years back I was a bundle of tension
Regretting the years past
Terrified about the future
Somewhere along the way it all changed

Thursday, July 19, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: moments
Rajnish Manga 25 September 2021

Nice poem. Tides and tribulations in life are the best teachers. Nothing could be better than living in the present moment. Thanks.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 24 September 2021

Magnificent! I like the lucid poetic expression.5 stars and to my favourite! !

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Captain Cur 26 July 2018

A momentous change! It is very difficult to learn to live in the present! The past and future always encroaching on our thoughts. If we are not careful, all our moments are lost. The last stanza is beautiful. I am also waiting for this change, but no better time than in this present moment.

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Chris Embrick 19 July 2018

When we can leave the past behind and not worry about the future, life becomes more delightful. A poem full of wisdom for us all. thanks Ruta. 10

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