Loving Myself.

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Fallen out of love with the whole wide world
Everyone's an enemy, humanity is all against me
Arms are up in the air, totally surrender!
Can't think straight, not able to gather thoughts
Words are mix-up, in some sort of a muddle
Falling decaying inside, yet very much alive

Unmasked. Suddenly mind is no longer dull and cloudy
Able to see clearly; depended on the man for everything
Even though he's gone got to move forward somehow
I guess I'll love myself: NOT to be confused with narcissism
An obsession - NO one seems good enough! Though
Once in awhile, preventing volcanic eruptions I GO nuts
pamper thyself. Adorn with all things nice - take timeout

listen to needs; treating with small gifts: pleasant
scents, flowers, manicures, pedicures facials too.
Body massages, reflexology. Not forgetting crown and
glory; condition and moisturise, naturally curly locks on show
for all to glare at, feeling proud of distinctive beauty
Giving a sparkle head to toe.

NO foreign debris in temple: taking only goodness
Vitamins and minerals, nourishing completely; surround in
newness; All that yet can't see him for what he is:
Womaniser, two-timing monster, has heart of stone.
Expert at even deceiving self

Set sight on someone special; Romeo, prince charming
All I want is him, can't sleep, can't eat, can't laugh.
His arms I want to feel around my waist, his voice I like
to hear

Don't say 'There's other fish in the sea'
Do not want to know; his smile is one of sincerity
His praise could go on listening too until the very end
No living entity comes between us;

Am I in love with an image, a picture?
Conquest is not to worship as a Godlike figure
come across like 'Miss wire waist' wearing a plastic smirk
whose hair is lustrous, so pretty can sink a thousand ships
Not being boastful, it's alright now, Gonna put it on

Don't wish to dominate, control, or to keep as a
possession folding away and put in my pocket; In a
Disabled state other soul sistas still perceive
me a rival to beware of! A touching specimen of womanhood
Free to be himself. Free to be me.
If this is not loving the man then tell me what is?

14/2/15 Sylvestina Silvers.

Sunday, February 15, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and friendship,self help
Coming to terms with the 'self' It is impossible to love another human being unless you have love for yourself. Society leads us to believe we can only love the self when we're loved in return. Until then (Don't get it confused with narcissism) You're merely fooling yourself you're in love. Also written with humanity in mind.