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I fell by my tree mangled by an autumn's huff,   
I had sailed through those early mighty storms
But weathered away in some days pouring rain,
As I could no longer be so strong,

Half of my life, I lived in my head,
In shades of grey, white and red,
Talked all to myself, all day, every day,
Fiddling in the mutiny of rights and wrongs,

I was always, just a breath away,
But would you ever hear my silent songs,
Sung for you loud in my heart?

When we are born, we are bound to decay,
Decay in the valley of time,
Often we forget this sour truth,
So mean, yet straight and strange at times,

There sure would be a perfect reason,
For life to change in every season,
Slowly the gritty backdrop of my theater changed,
The actors continued on their stage.

Reaching out for an unknown star,
Unsure of those destined paths,
Stretching the wings with all our might,
Soaring away from the nest so warm,

What is poetry?
Sometime I ponder…
Is it a quest?
Or a reason?

Fly high my little girl,
Time is now to soar and try,
We couldstitch a wing or two,
Show you distant moon and stars,

I walked in dim light,
In an endless tunnel,
In a meaningless time
Heart packed in grief,

I met him when I was two,
He told me that he was too.

We merried around with our hush and rush,

Pursue those dreams to feel alive,
Where have i lost them in the race,
Never did i pause all through my way,
Winding path did take me long,

Free yourself to be yourself,
Listen to that silence which envelopes you,
Unshackle the loads of expectations,
And explore the untraveled flexuous paths,

എന്തിനൊ തോന്നിയൊരിഷ്ടം,
അറിയാതെ തോന്നിയൊരിഷ്ടം,
പറയാൻ മറന്നൊരിഷ്ടം.
അകലുമ്പോൾ തോന്നിയൊരിഷ്ടം,

I wish that death blankets me now,
Do anyone up there hear my cry,
Or the silent screams of all the tears?
When you come with your ropes to tie,

One last time I saw her there,
My buddy, my mate, a friend of my soul
Laying in the frozen bed of ice.

Wish I could just stop this time,
Freeze it now and hold it tight,
For my son who has just turned three,
Where he knows no pain nor fret,

തീരങ്ങൾ ഓരോന്നായി ചികഞ്ഞു തിരഞ്ഞു ഞാൻ,  
തണൽ അറിയാത്ത പാതകൾ പിന്നിട്ടുപിന്നെയും,
തേടുന്നതെവിടെയെന്നു അറിയാതെ പതറാതെ,                           
പിന്നെയും പറന്നു  ഞാൻ  വേറെയാ ലോകത്തിന്  മയകാഴ്ച കാണാൻ,

What if I wake up to see,
That yesterday was just a dream
And I am still a baby of three,
Yet to learn my A B C.

A tear that rolls down the cheek,
A smile that wryed at corner of the face,
The lips that dried with the brushings of winds,
The caustic silence that engulfs us,

The Best Poem Of Ashika Murali Acharya

Memoir Of A Leaf.

I fell by my tree mangled by an autumn's huff,   
I had sailed through those early mighty storms
But weathered away in some days pouring rain,
As I could no longer be so strong,
For all my strength trickled away breath by breath.

I whined under the crackling of an unknown feet.
And another gust of wind just tossed me aside.
Before the last of me bled into the ground,
A blooming spring flashed by my mind,
I dreamt the heights that are clean and free,
Where the lonely eagles soar and fly,
I dreamt to fly  in those  deep  blue skies,
Where the air is sweet and cold.
I was destined not to die,
But to steer in the winds that are swift and strong.
I was destined not to die or to dry,
But to hover like a majestic kite
Spreading her untiring wings across,
I was destined not to die or to dry,
In that pit of vanquished dreams.
Now let me just sweep and fly,
To a land of a timeless springs
Where no leaf would fall by their tree.

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Rahman Lotif 15 March 2019

An extra ordinary poet! ! Simple Amazing

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Unnikrishnan E S 11 June 2018

Ashika is a wonderful poet. She is profound in her thoughts, words and poetic expression. Of course, she keeps an Indian heart, or may I say, Malayalee heart, though she lives in the US. Her poems are witness to this. I wish her and her pen more fruitful write ahead..

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