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Memoir Of A Leaf.

I fell by my tree mangled by an autumn's huff,   
I had sailed through those early mighty storms
But weathered away in some days pouring rain,
As I could no longer be so strong,
For all my strength trickled away breath by breath.

I whined under the crackling of an unknown feet.
And another gust of wind just tossed me aside.
Before the last of me bled into the ground,
A blooming spring flashed by my mind,
I dreamt the heights that are clean and free,
Where the lonely eagles soar and fly,
I dreamt to fly  in those  deep  blue skies,
Where the air is sweet and cold.
I was destined not to die,
But to steer in the winds that are swift and strong.
I was destined not to die or to dry,
But to hover like a majestic kite
Spreading her untiring wings across,
I was destined not to die or to dry,
In that pit of vanquished dreams.
Now let me just sweep and fly,
To a land of a timeless springs
Where no leaf would fall by their tree.

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Rahman Lotif 15 March 2019

An extra ordinary poet! ! Simple Amazing

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Unnikrishnan E S 11 June 2018

Ashika is a wonderful poet. She is profound in her thoughts, words and poetic expression. Of course, she keeps an Indian heart, or may I say, Malayalee heart, though she lives in the US. Her poems are witness to this. I wish her and her pen more fruitful write ahead..

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