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When galaxies cry,
The tears that they shed
Are showers of light we see overhead
That leave us in awe

I long to climb into the sky
On steps of wisp and smoke;
I long to feel the sweet caress
Of heaven's velvet cloak.

I stabbed the moon to watch it bleed
Because it mocks me with its glow,
The way it shines for all to see;
Does it feel pain? I burned to know.

I cannot claim I do not know
The reason why your tears now flow
In twin cascades
With no blockades,

Our Earth is a wish a star made,
A long, long time ago.
Star travelled throughout space to find
A place where wish could grow.

I stared into the heart of darkness
For what comfort I could find
Somewhere in the beating madness
Feeding arteries of my mind.

When the world ends
When the mountains choke on denial
When the oceans drown in ignorance
When the forests blaze with injustice

If I had the power of creation,
Strength borrowed from the essence of the earth,
I would listen to the beat of every heart
And feel the pain of every death and birth.

Before the world
Knew how to die,
The earth was ageless
Like the sky;

My regret has ended its toil
Of yesterdays in my backyard,
And anger's asleep in a coil,
Relieved of its vigilant guard.

It's something they teach in all of our schools,
Basic geometry, shapes and their rules,
But something they fail to pythagorate
Is how they all share the same basic trait.

My heart keeps drinking shadows of the moon;
I've drowned before in darkness when it's bright;
My eyes keep spinning silence with a spoon

On days when tears keep falling
And lonely nights feel cold,
Please know that you were wanted
By fate and earth to hold.

Somewhere beyond
The rolling seas,
Above the highest
Timber trees,

I fell in love the other day.
You didn't notice me.
But that's okay, I told myself,
What's meant to be will be.

The night will softly speak
In whispers of the dark
As nightingales usurp
The songs of morning lark,

I have a flying pig at home
Who's going through his teenage years.
He stays out late and chews my gnome
And when it's bath time, disappears.


If words could feed a starving soul
Or fill a simple bowl,
If speech could heal the wounds of war
Or patch a broken door,

When sheltered by the gracious skies,
The world around us melts away.
The stars that shine into our eyes
Reflect the light of buried day.

Not goodbye, no, not goodbye,
Instead, I'll say farewell,
For I will meet you once again
In heaven or in hell.

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Sonya Annita Song is a poet whose rhymes are loved by both adults and children. Her writing style for children is delightfully whimsical with a natural flow meant for reading out loud. Sonya's goal as a children's author is to create engaging rhyming picture books that children and parents will have fun reading together. One of her favorite memories as a child is going to the local library in the summer and bringing back shopping bags full of books to read. Books were, and still are, passports to incredible destinations full of joy and wonder, and Sonya hopes all children will discover the marvels of reading just like she did.

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When Galaxies Cry

When galaxies cry,
The tears that they shed
Are showers of light we see overhead
That leave us in awe
As we touch our cheeks,
Speechless but listening
When radiance speaks.

So gaze at the sky
When stars shoot above
And hear as they make their statements of love,
For they long to be heard
In the vacuum of space,
Stardrops streaming down
A celestial face.

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A book begins as a seed that is planted in a writer's imagination and bears fruit in a reader's mind.

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Sonya Annita Song Popularity

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