Magnificent Poem by Aminat Opatola


Rating: 4.0

Oh what beauty!
How great and fair to be,
the beauty that hath no definite defines,
a beauty like a milky way meeting gentle lights without a name, a figure of gladness over spread with soft smiles like a child kindness bred.
A face with sweet pouting lips whose color mock the rose rich, ripe and teeming with the dew of bliss.
A beauty whose eyes stares like an azure, clear as the waters of brook that run limpid and laughing in the summer sun,
A beauty like olives and roses in the morning dew sparkling and beaming its color like an ultra violet glow,
A beauty that strikes lonely hearts with love and passion to the world of dreams and imaginaries,
a beauty that shines like the sun in a silver hush when evening approaches to meet the night.
Oh how speechless! .
Is this beauty human or an elve, an angel or a water maid whose beauty flutters and shine like a fire flies, striking the earth and left it with no flowers or sounds.
A beauty fairer than the evening clads in the beauty of a million stars.
The dimple surface on those chin containing the beauty of it roundness that never has been fathomed yet by myriad thoughts of those intriguing view.
A beauty that stands in the admiration of the weak minds and strinking to the thoughts of the non appealings.
A beauty that holds the soul captive and breaths to humm with melodious voices of the sirens.
The beauty which cant be compare to no being only the angels i cant tell.
The beauty that blesses my soul, mold my pen and enchants my thoughts.
A beauty i wud rather call.

Kedrix Udjoe 04 September 2020

Hello pal, your poems are great, I will like you to read mine and tell me how u feel

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