Aminat Opatola Poems

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A Bird

Watching her in her sweetest fettles,
flying with wings of gentle flush over the air's freshness,
Her taper feathers catching at all things
and binding her about in tiny rings,

About Me.

My nature as delicate like white faded violet,
my voice as tiny like little stars in space,
my cheek
soft upon my jaws like a thorn on a thousand roses. Yes!

New Month

A new month again,
a new opportunity for gain,
the year is running to an end as the months flows in and out with haste,
it says we're growing, , , ,


Rain rain rain
falling from the sky above makes me wonder,
making sounds like itemic poems makes it feels stronger,
children hopes coming to pass as it prepares them for shower,

The Music In Me

It came over to my thoughts with a mellow sounds,
on and on lingering
like an enchanted bells.,


In this dim world of clouding cares,
we rarely know till wildered eyes clears,
see white wings lessening up the skies,
the angels with us yet we seems unaware,

In My Country, Yet I Stand.

Standing in my country on the bridge of sighs,
a palace and a prison on each hands.

I saw from out the waves her structures rise as from the enchanter's wand.


Shades are seen,
darkness invade through shattering branches,
the cricket savouring in their tulip nontides.
The birds chirp flying across the dark deserts,


If my illusions are real i may find peace,
in the lushness of pastures and grandeur of the mountains.
Away from conk plights into the fragraces and freshness of autumness.


I adopt the pace of nature for her secret is patience.
The assurance that dawn comes after night and spring after winter.
We live in her seasons as we passes and breath her refreshing air, taste her fruits and resign ourselves to the beauty she creates around us.
Lets climb mountains and get nature's good tidings, let her peace flows into us as sunshine flows into trees,

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