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Aminat opatola graduated from secondary school as an art student in school, year(2010) at olmot private college. She Has passion for novels and books..she derived interest most expecially in writing by pouring out what lies in her hearts and thoughts.
She had an Hnd certificate in Marketing @ moshood abiola polytecnic now (moshood abiola univers ...

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A Bird

Watching her in her sweetest fettles,
flying with wings of gentle flush over the air's freshness,
Her taper feathers catching at all things
and binding her about in tiny rings,
up, up away she goes,
twisting round
heaven with little rectrices,
swooning in the sweetness of the air and
showering in the morn bud with the day's voices,
her features held up her crown of gold
and catching the day's sunshine with joysful moves.
Flying to the branches of the dull gray woods, and out from its sunned to a sheltered nooks,
flying over sea full of waves,
there in and out of clouds in slopy styles
pluming her coverts in various bustles,
and winding her wings to the amazing brightness of the skies,
flits her tiny form around a world of liberty
and spinning to the tallest tree with greatest faith,
Her pleasant shape blesses the sight of the day,
her creature more gorgeous in her gaiter feathers,
picking up muds, leaves, feathers and cellulose to build up nest and provide warmth for her chicks.
O this little bird i know,
flies and plummets below in sweetly tones
so softly on mountains,
forests and shores,
her song she sings in a
din dear,
as she fled
from earth and skies, lands and kingdoms and over to the glittering rattled ladders of shale,
sensing her wings
the wisp of air as she
stirred by in an in inaudible drifts,
Her view i devoured as
a pure-eyed freedom flying freely as heaven
and earth divided be,
hovering with feathered wings,
and flying away with the brighter rays,
Dropping down the clouds like an angel,
floating through wind
in a fiery pegasus.
Breaths the atmosphere, rest and
comfort with great merry.
O What little bird,
bestowed with such beautiful faith,
wishing to be like a bird,
in a world full of freedom,
sailing, soaring, winging, and swooping,
round and round the skies,
round and round in a sweetest glide.

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Aminat Opatola Popularity

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