New Month Poem by Aminat Opatola

New Month

Rating: 5.0

A new month again,
a new opportunity for gain,
the year is running to an end as the months flows in and out with haste,
it says we're growing, , , ,
growing with the months sweetest stones,
ageing with another new month brim with rays,
it says another chance to be wise, loved, honoured and respected,
cause life is moving on and on in a quickest decrees,
spread thy legs around a sand of gold and troops around friends,

breath a new month air where they most breed and haunt,
laugh to the nimbly atmosphere that sweetly recommends itself unto thy gentle senses and move with the day's beauty to thy sweetly content,

joys with birds and dance with the trees,
floats with the water and shine with sun,
move with the air and paint with the colors of the day,
sing with diver tones the songs of merriment to the majestic lord now he has given thee a great opportunity to live on.
Forgo thy saddened past and start up some thing new,
rise on stepping stones and leave thy haters to crawl in the den of hargardness,
its a new month of profound peace steamed to the winds with gems and golden lustres, so embrace it with arms and trophies and amaze the welkin with thy glorious achievement,
live to the fulliest and feed on hope,
its here again to bring chances for a new dream, a new goal and a new beginning,
a new thoughts and a new life,
a new joy and a new world,
so worry less and be fufilled,
its a whole new and winsome month.

Ben Endymion 28 February 2019

Wow You tried alot,i love it

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Aminat Opatola 02 May 2018

Ok naila thanks i'l do that, thanks bernard i really your lovely comments on my poems

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Naila Rais 01 May 2018

A nice write.... Keep it up.... I would like you read my poem In the mid of the night depression you are killing me too.... Naila

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Bernard F. Asuncion 01 May 2018

Dear Aminat, such an inspiring poem....10++++

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