Make Of Peace Poem by Elena Sandu

Make Of Peace

Happened to have a stranger
Looking at you
With eyes full of anger
Out of the blue? !
Such lesson you see
Was painful and
very confusing to me.
So hard was the sight
of a pair of eyes
With frowning eyebrows
small grimaces,
lips heavy, to low
mouth closing tight,
sad sight stabbing slowly
my heart.
My back was in shivers,
with ice being touched
I'm cold, (sigh)
and I feel her
in colours of dark!
Why, what bad have I done?
I'm thinking, and thinking,
And keep thinking, ahh,
for my entire night!
All sadness, please dissipate,
For only smiles
I want to create!
What wrong
Have I done?
Maybe a glance
maybe a word
how on earth
could I know?
Anyway, the very next day,
my sleepless mind would decide
To buy some chocolate
and go back, the old lady try find.
I met her with luck
Forgiveness I asked, apologised,
For any wrong done
Humbly handling her
my little gift of chocolate.
Surprised, and maybe
more confused than me,
She asked:
'-Please do not mind a thing
sometimes such is
only my way of being'.
her grimaces into smiles changed
My sleeping mind regained
And maybe one day we could be friends
But sure if meet again
good chances are we'll greet
with only pleasure and smiles.

Friday, September 30, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: peace
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