Master Of My Soul Poem by Elena Sandu

Master Of My Soul

Rating: 4.9

Where are those times
The years gone so fast
Time to get out of leash
Shall walk my mind away
let fly between
and with all stars.
Away from suffocating cold one
that keeps drenching
my lungs in pain
I know now there's no chance
to accommodate,
finally found my 'when':
My soul, is not a fake nor slave
my song was meant to fly
have found a way to be myself again
to put me back as one.
I learned how to eat pain on bread
it taught how to forgive, forget
such place full of solitary memoirs
Should I leave them unread,
untouched, to decompose! ?
I need to search no more for
shiny star
Why would I?
I- could- be- one!
Discovered how to be free, to fly
There are so many other stars
Each day one could inspire
new life new smiles new start
could grow more hearts on fire...
Life to become my real love
no more dead end...
My life shall be no more a beg
I will own nothing but my soul.
have found a bigger happiness
true life is way more than the casting
mould of self...
The master of my soul is me
-and me?
...Oh... Universe
is what one day
we all shall find us be...

Thursday, November 8, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: freedom
Om Chawla 18 December 2012

Elena, I don't Know, why I feel that when you were writing this poem, several ideas were trying to come to the fore. I may be wrong. However you have conveyed your message in the last four lines. Enjoyed reading the poem & would read it again, though the question remains: are we masters of our souls?

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Poetheart Morgan 10 December 2012

So many questions so many doubts. Just time help us forget and brings us a new life when the past is really past. So you are again own of your soul and life. Love it! ! !

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Hamid Negah 06 December 2012

Elena, really your poetry is inspiring me.

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Rekha Mandagere 16 November 2012

Flow and thought are in perfect rhythm.Why should we depend on others for brightness, as you rightly said each one of us is a glowing star and mayus make life happy with our own capacities. Let us own our souls and try to give love to others. It is really inspiring. Thank you dear sister for writing such a theme in verse form: -)

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Wabi Sabi 15 November 2012

fade in and out.....what will be left, it would be fun, mysterious and challenging once we try to work on the things you have written.

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Dr Antony Theodore 01 October 2015

My soul, is not a fake nor slave my song was meant to fly have found a way to be myself again I learned how to eat pain on bread it taught how to forgive, forget ...Oh... Universe Very good poem Elena. your secret and mystical relation to a being which guides you and send you impulses to forgive and forget and the last call to the Universe. so fine. thank you dear.

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Ken E Hall 02 May 2015

Perfect way to find ones soul and learn to be master of surely takes the hands of time to achieve this and in your words you have just done that...regards

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Chinedu Dike 16 January 2015

A well articulated poem, nicely penned with insight. The title reminded me of the poem INVICTUS. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem THE PHOENIX STRANGLER.

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Elena Sandu 28 December 2012

Humble thanks dear friends for your wonderful comments! Dear Om (in my native tongue, Romanian, your beautiful name means human) . Indeed there are all kind of feelings mixed here, in a strange way trying to describe the torments of a soul between the real world and dream world, between the things that we can see and touch and those untouchable by hand. This poem was written not by my mind but by my soul in a certain state. I think it wanted to convey to me myself that nobody or nothing on Earth shall keep thoughts tied, a soul should be free to connect to anything and everything. Yet it is too hard to do that if you are tied in slavery... We all are at some the society, to the ones we love to the things we own.. those moments when I can be the master of own soul are very hard to touch...I am so small and ignorant, all I have are only glimpses, which unsuccessfully I try to catch consciously. The day my soul for ever leave this world will hold it all. But till then do I need to feed on bread with pain spreaded? ..Maybe, who knows...For each suffering might be a lesson to learn..

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Tony Karas 28 December 2012

Powerful, intense and inspiring! An awesome write!

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