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Did he say
He loved girls with
Kohl smeared eyes
A pink blush
Tint of juicy lip gloss
A shimmery eye shadow flushed?

I thought he did;
So I got to the task
at hand, the makeup-
Kohl, blush, lip gloss
Eye shadow
And all of that.

I blinked my eyes
Looked into the mirror
The face I saw, I despised.
Was it really ‘me’?
Or was it the girl that
He wanted me to be?

I met him at the dance,
My crush, it was crushing me!
I stole a glance
At him, he looked back.
Crying out “from beauty to beast,
What’s with the makeup, Preeti? ”

With moist eyes I said
“I thought you liked girls with makeup and….”
He put his finger to my lips
From my eye a big tear slipped.
Cutting through the makeup;
He held my tear with his hands cupped.

Heartbeats quickened, Eyes dreamy
Standing close to me he said,
“unk the makeup
You are Beautiful without it,
I love you too
I have to admit.”

Was it love? Or just a moment
Of attraction shared by two hearts
Graced by the stars above?
Neither of us cared to know;
Thanks to the makeup
The confession of love did flow,
And even with the ghastly makeup
My face did glow! ! ! !

(29 May,2006)

Patti Masterman 02 July 2007

You also have a makeup poem, and what a story lies behind it. I can tell you are a very beautiful person inside, (without makeup, LOL) So young, so much humility, and so many interesting poems!

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Aisha Sherazi 08 June 2006

I loved this so much Preets! Great poem! I could have told you you are beautiful without makeup, even though I have never seen you! Reading your poems and the comments you make on the work of others helps me know you are beautiful inside my dear! Best wishes and Peace, Aisha

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Dr.Amit K Biswas 01 June 2006

Reminded me of Kuch Kuch.... When Kajol comed up with those make up and..... Your poem is touching too. Actually I believe any expression from the depth of your heart got to be beautiful. Keep up good work.

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Vijay Richard 29 May 2006

Touching.. Very! ! Lucky Guy; -)

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David Darbyshire 29 May 2006

Most is make-up or break-up, nice dave xxx

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