! ! ! ! ! ! ! My Love, I Shall Meet You There Poem by .Pd. is here

! ! ! ! ! ! ! My Love, I Shall Meet You There

Rating: 3.4

Where The River Mingles With The Fathomless Sea,
Where The Moon Floats Between The Sky Starry,
Where Wishing Upon Falling Stars Can Answer Every Prayer-
My Love, I Shall Meet You There.

Where Tears Turn Into Precious Gems,
Where From Every Word A Poem Stems,
Where We Complete The Picture Of Unmatched Flair-
My Love, I Shall Meet You There.

Where The Rainbow Sprinkles Colours Around,
Where Nature’s Splendor Will Leave Us Spellbound,
Where Coyness Bows To A Sensational Affair -
My Love, I Shall Meet You There.

Where Sealed Lips And Exploring Hands Suffice,
Where The Blazing Fireworks Of Heartbeats Melts The Ice,
Where Time Is Ceaseless And Souls Lay Bare -
Oh My Love, I Shall Meet You There.

(31 August 2006)

Lesa K 31 August 2006

I truly loved the flow of this piece...reminds me of a love song....Well Done.

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Steve Hagget 31 August 2006

Fantastic poem - the flow and cadence is sublime, thank-you!

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trisha evensen 01 September 2006

This is lovely Preeti. :) Trisha

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Alison Cassidy 02 September 2006

Evocative images, wonderful flow and good structure. I loved this one. Allie xxxxxxxxxxx

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kAy BaRCeLon 05 September 2006

I Love This One... My Favorite Yet!

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Ratandeep Sharma 22 June 2007

u are just mindblowing! i salute you.

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Can u ensure me the ways on how shall i meet her at any place? I will be grateful to you for ever. Pradeep

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Nikunj Parikh 05 April 2007

fantastic poem...i also hope to meet my love there....i give it a 10

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Roger Bowman 16 November 2006

Preeti very romantic. Take care Roger

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Kunal Seth 11 September 2006

you can light up lot of things the possibilities are innumerable this one was short and simple.

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