Mama's Gone Poem by Shirley Hanley

Mama's Gone

Rating: 4.4

Mama's gone...

The call came at 8: 30 AM
the voice on the phone
said you passed at 8: 15
Billi didn't make it in time...

Mama you've been released
from that monsterous state of confusion
that had become your life at the end...

We've both been released
I suffered with you...

Seeing you locked inside
A body and mind that no longer functioned
was tortureous for me...

Mama, may your beautiful soul
fly like a bird
straight to the arms of God...

Angel OfGod 24 October 2009

I lost my Nanny...the same way. Just lying there trapped wanting to cry out. She would tap her hand to gospel music and give kisses if you put your face close to hers but didn't respond to speach. I miss her so much I thank you for sharing this with me.

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 19 October 2009

Mama, may your beautiful soul fly like a bird straight to the arms of dear poetess i literally cried over your words for as made deepi, pact on my mind.....iloved my mom so much and even miss to day...lovely poem indeed....10 read mine..o, i miss you..mopm icry even today...mother and i wept.... rest in peace....bidding farewell...all tragic songs/poems..

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Martin Swords 20 September 2009

Shirley...... Beautiful happy tribute. I also know the therapeutic role of writing the things that needed saying, and perhaps weren't.Keep on. Thanks Martin

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