.choices Poem by Shirley Hanley


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We came to this place riding on a sleigh made of our choices
We brought our children along for the ride
The world in which we exist was formed by those choices

James came to visit today
A face from the past
An old friend...

And with him his pain, an old pain
One carried from childhood...

A heavy burden
One born of his parents choices
An unwanted gift imparted upon his innocence...

Moved right in that pain did
Took up residence with him and his family in Texas
Slept between him and his wife...

What is it they say?
The sins of the father
Are visited upon the sons...

And so it goes with choices...

Choose carefully, my friend
And when faced with a choice
Always come down on the side of compassion...

Think wisely, my friend...

And never forget
Choices made today
Shape the lives of tomorrow's children...

And most certainly will
Shape the souls that are to come...

So choose wisely, my friend
Lest our souls go down to darkness...

Rachel Ellard 09 November 2009

Wish someone would have told this to my parents. However, it still probably would not have helped. Your words mean very much to me. Great poem.

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Angel OfGod 24 October 2009

I pray many will read this and comprehend...very well done. I am a living travesty of this poem. May God forgive me.

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James Timothy Jarrett 04 October 2009

Shirley, Love it! Very deep and hidden but the meaning shows through

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