Man Beside Me- Modified Poem by Craig Moses Uche

Man Beside Me- Modified

The man beside me encaps many ways
His dreams crushed by many sways
Of his two wheels he loses one talent
At the corridors of GOD's decent
He breaths words that make the Lord ascent

His words don't denote the cause of his scar
They are but a half star
Someone tell me the ponder of his ways
Perhaps his sorrows are but as sober days
For his pain did speak a phase

Whatever make his mood a norm
It was as sore as a high storm
For in chastise did it abound
Life confined him all around
Yet it did make a sound

My heart burned with pity
And my prayers became a city
So that the Lord would be aloft
Unto his desires so soft
For after chastise it became a dust

His presence was as a woman
Trying to sway me in her yarn
But behold it was my mirror-image
And myself did I try to besiege
Alas, myself dis I call my liege

For as in caution birds take flight
So my ways became a fright.

Saturday, November 30, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: self-acceptance
Seyi Ojenike 17 June 2023

I love this.

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