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Live in Nigeria. Finished high school in 2010 studying at the university of Michigan.

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Let's Grow Up Together

Let's grow up together
Let's eat berries
And dream of fairies
Also, let's dance with them in the summer

Let's bathe in the rain
And play in mud
Let our feet be our only stud
As our love bears the stain

Let's cuddle on winter
Yes, let our heartbeat rise
And as our love dances on ice
We'd be it's tinter

Let the skies raise a hum
And let the breeze serve as cover
Beneath the embrace of our love's coffer
Yes, let's rest all through autumn

Till our love writes it's season
Let's steal all the time
Upon the sands of time
Let's abandon all reason

Let knowledge become a vagabond
And let him wander
Like a lost dreamer
Till we've struck our bond

And until our love has awoken to the sun
Let's grow up together

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Craig Moses Uche Popularity

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