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Man Without Hands

I just can't find a word, I can't find any symbol to explain
This god damn sick and disturbed pain
climbing and swimming in my veins

I can't inform you how I just need to be reborn
I'm a man without hands
I just can't stand alone anymore
I'm a wet mess, From my tear duct to my sweat glands

I can't spell out any words

I can't pull out this phone cord
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Goldy Locks 09 May 2006

Ray, Ray my good man, how did you go astray? i couldnt really stand this useless rant either: O. you had a good idea with the nickel, i think you should have kept that going n it was brimmed with passion which i dig. this prose style is more raw & emotive than the concise style and you have to be careful & have a clear agenda- develop it in lines that you feel in yourself to be most fit. i only want you to get better! keep em coming, Sus. & i see you're five years my junior, well, you had some fine ideas & thought patterns here coming from what must indeed be a most mature boy.

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