Mary-The Warrior

Rating: 2.4

The Forum War was raging hot
and missiles made of words
flew back and forth as some were shot
in vain the peaceful birds
came fearlessly to sing their songs
of peace and love, respect
though few would join the sing-alongs
they relished the effect
their filthy mouths had on us all
and management stayed quiet
as if awaiting the great fall
that follows any riot.

Reluctant warrior in the field
her name? Yes, it was Mary
assaulting her, what would it yield
I did, but she could carry
her shoulder pack and water gun
she stood with straight, proud shoulders
up to the man they called the Hun
among the silent boulders.

She pulled the trigger there and then
'twas something to admire
the squirts hit home, among the men
and soon put out the fire.
Yes, Mary is a 'cyberfriend'
which is a modern role
this poem is a silly blend
in awe of her kind soul.

Mary Nagy 08 October 2005

I love the image you've given me here! What an honor (although it is quite a bit of fiction) You are wonderful Herbert. Sincerely, Mary

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Robert Browne 07 October 2005

That's a good one Herb. I like it. Bob

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 07 October 2005

~clap clap~ I'm sure she will enjoy it!

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