Matricide Poem by Thea Pound


Rating: 4.8

Is it not so, That we have fallen,
Almost deafened to The Calling,
Our cenotaph, such great glass columns,
In the urban jungle Sprawling.

Clouds drift ever up to meet the skies,
A blackened fog to blind the eyes,
And bind the throat and smother cries;
Such self-made smog forms our demise.

What of the sounds, at one time ringing?
For absent birds, we're want of singing,
Yet oblivious to the pain we're bringing,
We continue the massacre, endless sinning.

Once Majestic trees mastered the land,
Now raped to satisfy demand.
Is this the price we place on Man,
Are we worth more than the World we've damned?

How keen we are, our parts are played,
Without a thought to those betrayed.
We claim to know better, but still we degrade,
Though Beauty for Greed is an unequal trade.

Though nurtured by our Earthly Mother,
We drain the Lifeblood of another;
An injustice which no excuse can cover,
Our Hearts grown cold; we no longer Shudder.

Is it too late to correct our mistakes,
To save the world we rend and break?
Let us open our eyes to what's truly at stake,
I pray we do soon; For all of Our sake's.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: environmental rights,morality,political
Rajnish Manga 01 July 2017

The poem should act as an eye-opener to those who are responsible for the grave ecological imbalance created during the last few decades for greed of man. Thank you, Thea Pound.

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