Matrimony Betrayal Poem by Nasra Al Adawi

Matrimony Betrayal

It was all the time her
A syringe of his addiction
Empty sheets without her perfume
Hanging in a stale page of his existence
Left to clash with pure emptiness
Sinking in loneliness, away form her tenderness
She was not only the greatest love
She was the dignity of his prevailing
Lord takes away one’s most precious thing
Playing with last cord of his sanity
The test of God felt as an unjust
This is nothing but sorrow after sorrow
One day she was like a radiant flower
Then she became a flame of candle against the air
How could he loose the flame of his eternity?
In a breath of a moment
The world went so dark
Darker than the night
He embraced her with all his powers
She still took a new destined path
He remained to sip the pain of loss
Falling in denial
No woman is like her
He can’t be here without her
What is the worth of this life?
He refused to cry, even refused to live
He wanted to rebel against judgment of fate
Even though he knew that death is everyone’s route
He led his life taking revenge on those who loved him the most

I thought I could heal his soul
I promised to show him new love
His life wouldn’t be incomplete
That’s the oath I took upon myself
I thought his love for her like a legend of our time
So I pledged to stand by his side
Not in replacing his love
To be a new page in his life
Not a perfect home but a place to cry
little I knew that his heart was sacred for her love
I was just attire for his desire
And to love me was a matrimony betrayal

Ghada Shahbender 11 May 2005

It comes to a full circle: love - suffering - cruelty - forgiveness - love. This is a very sad but beautiful poem.

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Nasra Al Adawi

Nasra Al Adawi

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