A Woman Like Me Poem by Nasra Al Adawi

A Woman Like Me

Rating: 4.8

I have the will,
To touch the sky
And I do not need any wings
Enabling me to reach that high
Defeat has no definition in my brain
I have the aspiration; I’m set to seize that dream
A woman like me, will reach that far and many miles more..

Maybe, you will find tears
Held in my eyes
Or falling like river
On a terrain of my face
It’s a momentum relief
Giving no answer to resolve the grief
I gather myself
In dignity I embrace
A woman like me, had learned to stand beyond any calamity

Ghada Shahbender 11 May 2005

Very uplifting. Admiringly, GS

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John Tiong Chunghoo 26 March 2005

lovely poem, this haiku inspired by your poem: mom tells daughter to give herself a good cry

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A poem that showcases the verily young generation of females. Great poem. Top score

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Chinedu Dike 22 November 2019

A fine and lofty verse with an inspirational fragrance. Thanks for sharing, Nasra.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 18 March 2008

women are the pillar of men..........

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Dear Nasra, really this poem is thought provoking, the poetic persona whether the actual you or an imagined one- is a mellowed feminine voice- quite unlike the phase it has reached in developed societies or cultures. The bold will to assert one's self is really admirable. Rajbir

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A. B. 16 May 2005

My God! ! Nasra, This poem is really really beautiful. The way you say things and loved it more cus it's about us women. Loved it. Good job Nasra, Admiringly Arsiema

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