Finding Soul’s Delight Poem by Nasra Al Adawi

Finding Soul’s Delight

Rating: 5.0

I’m tired of gazing over the light
I’m tired of the darkness that I’m in
Gazing into the light that is so far
Adapting with the darkness in fear of the unknown
Yet my soul dreams
Just once to break the fear of the unknown
To feel the touch of light
Mesmerizing the moment-such a soul’s delight

I’m tired of gazing into the motion of earth
I’m tired of my soul standing still
The earth seems to be so much alive
Still I’m here, little by little dying away
Yet my soul dreams
Just for once, to merge with the revolving earth
Mesmerizing moment, impossible to deny one’s self the celebration of life

I’m tired of gazing into my dreams
I’m tired of the fear that I’m in
Yet my soul urge
To seek and touch the light
Wanting the dream of mine to happen
Just once, to eliminate this fear
I don’t want to be standing far, staring into life
Though paralyzed to take the first step of it
I want to join the motion of earth
Taking the walk of life
After all, I want to be the light
In each day, to be able to touch someone else’s life

John Tiong Chunghoo 04 June 2005

lovely poem nasar. thank you for commenting on my poem always.

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Deepak Amembal 23 February 2005

lovely......very nice indeed! !

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