Matthew's Aquarium Poem by Adrian Antique

Matthew's Aquarium

Rating: 5.0

It is a foot and a half deep pond encased in glass -
A floating picture frame at first glance small yet really vast …
A child's wishing well no need for coins to cast …
A home where fire and storm don't ever last.

I did not see it right away when I entered the door,
Like it's part of a menagerie I had seen once before -
A puddle in a field of stories with one dominant color …
A silver patch of stars on a crowded seashore.

In this little universe, a seven-year-old boy is king
To the lives who swim here, Matthew is everything …
He is Poseidon to his fish, the lord of their feeding.
And he talks to each with a language of their speaking.

It holds a room of water that requires no name;
In here shapes of different sizes all look the same …
Everyone moves freely, no one is tame …
And nobody seems to care where they really came.

To the eyes of a child, it is a river forest -
A see-through box of restless glee and non-stop zest …
A gift from above wrapped with wonder and all the best
Things in a childhood: giggles and bubbles, and all the rest.

Love is a square playground as seen by young eyes …
Filled with sea and rain and friends with bonding ties.
It's where we take a look and find swimming butterflies …
Where we often paint our dreams and rarely say goodbyes.

Matthew is the seven year old son of a friend and he really has an aquarium full of wonder.
Bri Edwards 26 May 2022

I like 'swimming butterflies'. Aquariums ARE fascinating. But, when i look at the fish I can't help but think 'fish filet sandwiich', with mayonaise and pickle relish! ! : )

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