Maya Angelou Poem by Allen Steble The Philosophical Poet

Maya Angelou

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To a great poet: Maya Angelou

Life has never been an easy walk
with soft sand and no rocks
it has been like a mountain range
with many steep climbs and inevitable change
but like your words you rose above
beyond the written words of the hearts love
you are-
more than a dancer with amazing style
more than an author with clever guile
more than a doctor with a degree at Harvard
more than a poet with wisdom in words
you are an amazing woman

None like you has such a gift
to shine as brightly as our own sun
to give life in your heartfelt words
to give sustenance in your rays of wisdom
to give the broken one hope
of a better tomorrow
your amazing gift
to stand up and lift
every block that stands in your way
and keep moving forward
forward into the next day

None like you has such a talent
to light up every corner of darkness
with just the glimpse of your smile
to drown out all of life's fears
as you master life's many trying miles
as the future paints its portrait
of broken promises and blind fate
there's no uncertainty that you
will continue to glow with inspiration
for you are an amazing woman
Maya Angelou

Thursday, April 9, 2009
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G. Akanji Olaniyi 12 December 2015

Maya Angelou was a class on her own. She exemplified many things of which being a great poet is one. A good tribute in deed! ! !

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Sharmila Dhar 22 June 2009

A true tribute to a great woman ! well done!

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