Meeting Poem by suja nair


Was it a dream, was it an illusion, or was it just a thought
Dear, I hear you call, I hear your voice, I feel you, Can I see you..
Am I asking too much, or is it just a thought.
May be it is my heart aching for something too much.

I hear you near me, I feel you close to me...
I know you are coming, I can hear your footsteps...
I close my eyes and I know it is you.....
I touch you, my fingers say its you....

My mind is open, my heart beats fast....
Yes, dear it’s you and I knew you would come...
This is the moment I was waiting for,
This is the dream I'v been dreaming about.

I have been wanting to see you,
I have been wanting to hear you,
I have been wanting to ask you,
I have been wanting to know you.....

Finally you are here honey and I forget to think,
Time stands still and I am just waiting.
Waiting for you, waiting to hear you,
Is it your voice or is it my heart beat...
It’s so wonderful to have you near me....
Is it a dream or is it a reality….oh, my dear
and I am waiting..............

Neetha Sasidharan 06 January 2012

so touching... really cool...

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Dead Leaf 06 January 2012

poem compossed of deep love

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Narayanan Ramakrishnan 06 January 2012

a beautiful poem drenched in love and passion. lets make dreams a reality and live out of hallucinations. well penned. full 10. Narayanan

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