Meghan's Baby And The Fruit Of Harry's Loins. Welcome! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Meghan's Baby And The Fruit Of Harry's Loins. Welcome!

By Stanley Collymore

Earnestly conceptualized, tenderly conceived and diligently
delivered your presence has both been fervently awaited
and warmly received in equal measure with immense
pleasure and unconstrained delight by royal well-
wishers and every conscionable person alike,
purposefully and jubilantly mindful that a
new birth and, especially so a first child
born to a couple who're unequivocally
and incalculably in love with each other - and who was itself
clearly and contentedly conceived within the paramountcy
and virtuous inviolability of Holy Matrimony, is finally
and thankfully here; and, additionally, is indisputably
an outstanding opportunity to be totally welcomed
and unreservedly applauded. And, consequently,
on the providential beginning of you heralded
coming, and also merged with the birth of
your parents initial and eagerly-awaited
offspring, my unstinting best wishes
and innermost congratulations go
out to an obviously marvellous
trio: You, freshly born Baby
Windsor, charming father
Harry and, logically of
course, your tangibly
immensely alluring,
most astonishing
and superb new
mum Meghan!

© Stanley V. Collymore
16 April 2019.

Author's Remarks:
It is neither a gratuitous hyperbole not any sort of fanciful exaggeration to honestly and openly say that any child fortunate enough to be positively and consciously conceived and afterwards born within the moral and discernibly comforting parameters of a truly loving, genuinely stable and a progressive relationship which is itself purposely and blessedly sanctified through the formal induction and wholehearted assimilation engendered and staunchly sustained by virtue of the permanent bonds of Holy Matrimony will quite naturally, in such given circumstances, be a most welcomed, comprehensively loved, fully appreciated; a consummately regarded and an unrestrainedly cherished addition to that specific and precious marital relationship in every conceivable way.

And particularly so when it's one's first child - although all subsequent children will be equally loved - these multifaceted experiences that are themselves a poignant composition of markedly intense emotions that vibrantly encompass not only a subtle but also a generally uncontrollable amalgamation of spiritual and psychological sentiments combined with unmistakably powerful reactions, with the overall effects of which, both physical and psychological in nature, causing the end result in terms of human emotions to multiply a thousand-fold.

Therefore, it's patently obvious to any perceptively discerning individual that with you Meghan and similarly Harry having irresistibly been caught in the intentional and accurate crossfire of Cupid's well-aimed arrows which you, like all other similar and fortunate predecessors of this amorous process instantaneously not only find yourselves completely smitten with irrepressible love for each other but have also likewise earnestly capitalized through the planned conception and birth of your first baby on this most propitious and advantageous occurrence.

In accompaniment with the aforesaid statements and sentiments personally expressed I'd also like to wish their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - Harry and Meghan as I always affectionately refer to them as - all the very best for the future, individually as well as together; as much of a worry-free existence as is humanly possible; and the kind of active and exceptionally healthy longevity that's routinely enjoyed by significant numbers of Barbadians who proudly and thankfully celebrate the undoubted recognition that both the Barbadian nation and its Diaspora of citizens globally by God's grace physically enjoy the privilege of being the absolute largest number of living centenarians anywhere in the world. And, of course, from me personally most sincerely to you Meghan and Harry a most settled personal and family life for many years to come. God Bless!

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