Memoirs Of A Foolish Man Poem by Donald R Wolff JR

Memoirs Of A Foolish Man

Rainy months fell upon my face while I withered away mourning my beloved.
Tracing in my wake; I'd search the memory that has taken my will into slavery.
The days are long with little rest for a weary mind aflame with desire.
For she had been lost to me because of self serving gratification.

A willful pride to be admired.

Looking back, I see the illusions that became reality.
It was a time of delusion fueled by ego.
A boasting pride filling my heart with many regrets to be revisited.
So many ghosts that will never leave; Always taunting my thoughts.
Replayed over and over in daydreams.
My tally, with no relief from the grief that I feel.

Maybe, Just a little; When I scream inside!

The only place to hide before falling into a digression.
Reminded of what should have never been.
A reluctant payment for unholy transgressions.
Hence, my creation becomes Hell on Earth; Ruled by lust.
A willing sacrifice designed for a moments pleasure.
Releasing her innocence in exchange for unknown treasures.

At present;
Only sorrowful, sweet memories remain in mind, and broken spirit.
Haunted by the promises we made.
Two eternal hearts joined beyond this life, divided by an abyss.
Where our love is now lost in the darkness, forever.


Memoirs Of A Foolish Man
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