Messages From The Sermon Poem by Philip Winchester

Messages From The Sermon

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Messages from the Sermon on the Mount
Equivocate all you like my friend, I heard what I heard.
Some Guys I met there, gathered on the Mount of Olives just North of the Village.
Several Apostles Twelve I think were sat listening to that new healer Jesus Christ.
And didn't he have some Mind Blowing things to say? In the course of all that preaching
GODS messages I heard them say, So I stopped for a while to see if they had something new.
Erudite, yes erudite Jesus came into his own, you would not believe the wisdom of his words.
Simon you know and his brother Andrew, James son of Zebedee and his brother John was there to.

From the start Jesus gave us beatitudes blessings a hook in rhetorical techniques.
Rhetoric, the like of which I've never heard before, with Logical fallacies and buzzwords.
Other cheeks were mentioned, that I was to turn and I was to Love my enemies as myself.
Must by all accounts treat others the way you want to be treated too, Well that's new.

Three of his disciples Philip, Bartholomew and you know that Publican Landlord Matthew?
He told them not to judge and they wont be judged. Don`t condemn and you won't be condemned.
Even forgive and you will be forgiven. Well what a pretty kettle of fish? Give and you will receive.

Simon the Zealot piped up with a question, Can the Blind Lead the Blind? Oh my Lord.
Even Disciples are not above teaching the Teacher it's seeming to me.
Rhetoric flowed, better remove a log from your eye than a splinter from the eye of a friend
Moreover God said a good tree doesn't produce bad fruit and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit
Oh and each tree is known for its fruit, I saw Thomas for once nod in agreement.
Nonsense said James the son of Alphaeus, then Jesus rebuked him in cutting reply

Oh why bother yourself to call me your Lord and yet not do as you're told when I say!
Now whoever follows my words and builds on a rock will survive, but on sand will soon come to grief

Then Jesus turned to one of his right hand men and cried “Hey Jude, don't let me down”
He turned to another name of Judas caught him in the eye and all knowing, shook his head.
Emblemize yourselves with the Name of Jesus Christ in all you think and say from now on, Do.

More you know the less you can make sense of, but trust me little man, trust me with your LOVE.
Open minded simple sense, take from my sacrifice, understand, and make things happen.
Universal messages transmitted from the Mount, will take Two Thousand Years, for Man to Understand.
Never fear shortcomings, your Christ will grant you strength. Immunity in any crowd. Sanity alone.
Take EGO make it work, as one person in a thousand, Guidance will be given Messages from Heaven.

Munia Khan 23 February 2010

I am sure you must be a theologian....yes...I have no doubt. Wonderful poem again Sir.

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 17 October 2009

compelling and thought-provoking!

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Philip Winchester

Philip Winchester

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