Metropolanitis Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar


Busy planning appearances.
Incorporating cliques.
Based upon social status.
And not on business acumen to get.
Too shrewd to maneuver,
Mischievous wishes to serve and quick.
Few pursue new opportunities to create,
For those young to influence to initiate...
The making of their own to appreciate.

A mental fixation to dress well and impress,
With acquired abilities to name drop and brag...
About who is known to live,
At the most prestigious, high income...
Gated address.

Credited to loans and unpaid debts.
And yet not one thought is kept,
As to how their fed demands has left...
Limited supplies for those relying on disguises.
Too much time has occupied their minds,
On temporary desires to satisfy.
To leave others sacrificing with a doing done,
The ones prepared when all charading comes...
To an end.

Although once despised and criticized,
For refusing to be associated...
With those who spent their lives,
Trying to be identified as socialites.
But found today,
Sighing and surrounded by possessions,
Ready to pick to pawn.
Or exchanged for a life that is wished,
Less pretentious and unnoticeably basic.

Metropolanitis has outdated a craving to delight.
With a trapping those enslaved,
To a way of life few dream with a wish today.
Even if given free and with payment received for it.

'Excuse me.
I have 'things' for you to give.
I remember when you wanted them.
But now it's your life,
I am wanting more to live.'

~Are you kidding?
What makes you think,
Your days of parading to charade 'your' headaches...
Is a desire I find to be appetizing?
Please go away.
Betrayal to portray is 'your' thing.
Not mine.
You have long been too identified as a fake.~

Thursday, March 10, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: life
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