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Millions Of Words

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Millions of Words.
Can prove to anyone she is special.
Billions, can make a man desire to hear more.
Trillions of words, you might call unbelievable.
But with her it's possible.
And there's many more words in store.
Beauty can match her.
With her stunning smile & amazing eyes.
With the curves of an angel & that caramel skin.
Go ahead & call her beautiful...to me it's no surprise.

Heavenly can fit her well.
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kandii koted babe 08 May 2008

a sweet touch, exquisite words that come straight from your heart explanatory for the true love you have for her for the way you see her the way in your eyes she is a goddess and their is no perfect way to convince a woman that you love her than to write her a love poem so the whole world can see it not just her.... you work of art is a masterpiece inspirited our world

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Lynda Robson 07 May 2008

A lovely tribute to your girl, you could not praise her more, well penned, Lynda x

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