With No Hesitation Poem by Michael Smith

With No Hesitation

Rating: 4.8

If love was a person.
It would be my closest relation.
I believe in love at first sight.
With No Hesitation.
I thought I was insane.
I thought I was stupid.
I thought this was a poison casted by cupid.
But being with her I realized something.
I now know without love.
My personality is nothing.
It would happen so fast, by the first touch.
But love came over in the simple sign of lust.
I'm glad I found it.
Thank God for it.
My body needs love like a sweater grandma stitched.
So here I go, on the edge of the cliff.
Love is a crazy feeling.
My body's going stiff.
Now I'll take my steps correctly.
Hoping I don't trip.
Without Love I'm nothing.
But With No Hesitation, I'd never slip.


Shayna Witt 21 December 2007

man this is a heavy one very cool

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Riquetta Elliott 07 December 2007

This is a very nice piece describing love and finding love. Believe me homey I know because I found him and he found me. I found love. Don't stop keep on writing.

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Brianna Wilshusen 06 December 2007

I like the love poems, you have a talent. heres a 10

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Michael Smith

Michael Smith

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