I Wonder About You Courtney Poem by Michael Smith

I Wonder About You Courtney

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Thinking about this girl.
I know this is gonna' be a long one.
Many poems about this certain girl.
But I know I'm not done.

Meeting her on this night.
I knew this was a moment.
Spotted her in the corner of the room.
Looking sad & lonely.
Something was wrong.
She seemed down as can be.
Wondering who could've done it?
Then I found out it was me.
It wasn't a big deal.
I didn't take it seriously.
But a couple of moments later.
My body told me that I needed her immediately.
I was too late to make a move.
So I just shared the last glance.
But something told me.
That maybe there was a chance.

Leaving that night.
I was as anxious as can be.
Cause I knew the next time.
Would be an important one for me.
So I hit her up on AIM.
All of a sudden I get a response.
The gloomy sadness from before.
I realized was all gone.
Only one night meeting her.
And she already got me sprung shortly.
I was forced to pursue her.
This girl's name is Courtney.

It took some time.
As I talked & got to know her.
Realizing it wasn't that easy.
True Love is what I had to show her.
So I was willing to do it.
Cause the girl was so special.
I gotta have her I said.
Friends now...
But I know me & her are gonna' take the next level.
She writes poetry too.
And she's been through alot.
So mentally & verbally.
I had to show her what I got.
I think she's grown to me though.
Cause me & her sorta click.
Lola Bunny & Steven forever.
Hoping it would all turn out to this.

So I tell myself keep on goin'.
It'll turn out for the better.
Continuous love poems & love letters.
I really do hope she realizes how much I care.
Because for a moment...
The feelings I showed.
On her side didn't seem to be there.
But then she tells me one day.
How she loves speakin' to me & really missed me.
The negative thoughts I had disappeared rapidly.
I wonder how this girl.
Continues to keep me at it.
I asked her plenty of times.
But I get a NO.
Maybe there's somethin' I'm lackin'.

She says she wants a cutie.
Always fresh with a cute smile.
I try my best at it.
Let me keep on going for a little while.
She wants him to tickle her & play fight.
I hope she realized.
That I'm willing to do that, plus sneak out for her at night.
If that's not enough, then I don't know what is.
She wants him to be there & cheer her up whenever she's down.
Courtney, knowing me I'm willing to do the hours plus overtime.
To see you smile, rather than see you frown.
She needs him to make promises that he's able to keep.
Courtney, I'd promise you anything.
And if it's not complete to your needs.
Then I won't sleep.
She wants qualities of a best friend.
Then why should I pretend.
Courtney, you're honestly the best girl I've ever met.
And I'm sticking with that till the end.

Well, if she's still lookin' for him...
Then maybe I don't exist.
But I hope she realizes.
Ater reading something as strong as this.
Courtney, you say you need a boo.
Then look in front of you.
Cause honestly...
I doubt you'll ever find someone as true.


~ Soldier ~ ~girl~ 01 April 2008

this is really good really powerful i love it

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Pandora Chaos 25 March 2008

wow that was amazing i liked it. It great i give it a 10! ! ! ! ! Victoria A-K-A ~Fallen Angel~

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