All By Himself Poem by Michael Smith

All By Himself

Rating: 4.5

God has put him in a world.
Which a person like he cannot handle.
Nor live with knowing he isn't good enough.
Good enough for anything in this life of his.
But, he knows he's wrong for saying this.
But his emotions tell him he's right.
That he's pinpoint, on the bullseye, tip of the cliff.
It's everything confusing him as he ponders through this world.
Discouragement, failure, rejection & his thoughts.
Just eating him alive, killing every cell one by one.
Emotional crisis, someone would say, or just forget it he's crazy.
But.....It's neither of those, towards why he acts like this.
It's love, and the effects of which it can have on a man.
Catching him by surprise, thrilling him by every living second.
He can't handle it, so foolishly he continues to try.
But now he must step back from everything he lives for.
The thrill of it & the love that he doesn't have a chance with.
But he's completely mistaken this time.
Because he is running into a pit of knives so dangerous.
That might just kill him emotionally as a man & a human being.
A world he's not worthy to live in, Nor handle all by himself.

kandii koted babe 05 February 2008

well no comments about the comments you have i think that you should really think about how you feel and include god in you're thoughts he will change you're thinking and well talk to god and ask him you're purpose here in this world and don't be so hard on you're self....

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Leticia Starkey 17 December 2007

hey this is a really good poem i'm sorry if you feel that way but god made you for a reason

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Michael Smith

Michael Smith

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