Michael Smith Poems

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I Wonder About You Courtney

Thinking about this girl.
I know this is gonna' be a long one.
Many poems about this certain girl.
But I know I'm not done.

Won'T Let Go

'One instant can change everything.'
Cause now I see clearly.
I see the mistakes I've been making.
I now see that it's you my heart yearns for.

With No Hesitation

If love was a person.
It would be my closest relation.
I believe in love at first sight.
With No Hesitation.

This Mask

I wear a mask from now on.
To hide my true feelings.
As I lie on this bed.
And stare at this ceiling.

The Loneliness, The Pain, & The Agony

What is this shady figure?
That follows me around.
Left to Right.
Every direction...

At This Very Moment

Is indeed a killer.
And if your lucky.
It's an upsetting rollercoaster thriller.

All By Himself

God has put him in a world.
Which a person like he cannot handle.
Nor live with knowing he isn't good enough.
Good enough for anything in this life of his.

Better, Together & Forever (Part 1)

Indeed the strongest word ever.
Love + You = Our Life Together.
Now I know it's obvious.

Make Me Better

No matter what happens.
I'll always be there.
In another state...
My love will never disappear.


Keep on trying...
Cause sooner or later it's going to work.
Despite the ups & downs which may occur.
It's going to work out.