Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 544 Points (22 September / London)

Mined Visions - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Mind’s eye perceptive pierces through
An environment mundane,
Untrammelled rebounds, chromatic cue
Draws from echo source refrain.
Enhanced dimensions jump cold queue
Create sensations soul sought, knew
One harmony spins win win gain.
Resplendent whole all parts retain.

Mind’s majestic vista view
Ad infinitum, goal attained,
Untethers timeless spirit to
Defy horizons, frontiers vain.
Exciting multicoloured hue
Combines to recombine anew
Old obstacles disdained,
Reviving hopes, soothes pain.

Multi-modal vision blue
Allies with orange, turquoise stain,
Ultra violet read green grew
Deep vibrating wave-bands, brain
Enchantment rediscovered, true
Correction for hoar stress and strain,
Overcoming acts askew,
Revealing fractal revels’ reign.

More visions fantastic curlicue
Amplify and entertain
Unbound osmosis overdue,
Delight which, rich, won’t ever wane
Each entity entire, eased pain,
Charm calms fears, hears voice tender, true
One all IS all, with nothing vain
Rued naught, love nurtures we in you.

Most vital, passions whirlwind through
Affection’s open avenue
Unite as one souls which seemed two,
Despise vain race most men pursue.
Enthusiastic avenue
Contradictions answers to
Offer flesh bloom, groom flesh debut.
Repudiate space/time traps too.

Magnetic mental rendezvous
Unmet before, again none knew.
Affords an opportunity
Desire whose flash fire Fate’s winds blew,
Emotion’s notions motions to
Crush any egotistic vein.
Outright refuses as taboo
Rules rigid, claw laws sovereign.

Mundanity of parvenu,
All those who needlessly complain,
Unlightly are to cue into
Delight that, dawn to counterpane,
Enlightens understanding true,
Creates shared energy none train
Or curb, divert from aim, subdue,
Retract or alter fusion.

Mid life’s harsh strife equation new
Adds two makes one. None need explain
Unique attachment none may feign.
Desert blossoms as love’s reign
Engenders Eden fruitful few
Could ever imagine, ever obtain.
Oasis instincts karmic knew
Replaces desert’s tempest train.

Mountains into molehills grew
As love’s call prospered, all seemed plain,
Unclouded and transparent, drew
Divinity that must remain
Essential as Earth’s daily dew,
Converting mortal cobweb chain
Of grey strands past, transforms dull hue.
Renascent incremental gain.

Most magic music, mirrored view
Amalgamates notes’ pitch pure strain
Unequalled in Earth’s reeled tatoo.
Doubts dispelled, fears quelled amain.
Enigmatic magma spew
Coagulates as diamond rain
Outside experience hitherto:
Real bliss kiss nothing can constrain.

(10 February 2009)

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 28, 2013

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