Missing Dad Poem by Kathleen West

Missing Dad

Rating: 3.1

A man must labor all his life
But what makes him a success
Is how he lived while he was here
That seperates him from the rest

My father lived humble all his life
But what really made him great
Was how he loved while he was here
And the difference his love did make

He never missed mass, devoted and true
And if we were at home, we better go too
Together we prayed, and I'll never forget
His undying faith, and the values he set

Time passes on, as time only can
I really miss him and often feel sad
But feel privileged to have known so great a man
And more humbled to know he was my dad

Paolo Giuseppe Mazzarello 29 September 2008

He's reliving in you, my dear poet, and would be proud of you.

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Marilyn Lott 29 September 2008

This poem is written so beautifully, Kathleen, for your father. It reminds me of my poem A Common Man for that is the kind of man who is so special. I love your rhyming style and your father would be so proud of you and your tribute to him! A '10! ' indeed. Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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