Mistake Poem by Concetta Salter


No matter how I do the math, the answers still the same.
1+0=1, and that will never change.
I lost my chance at finding love, that day I said goodbye.
Though I didn’t it know it than, I loved you more than life.
Now that I am left alone, I find that I’m the fool.
I wish there were a time machine to take me back to you.
Staring at your picture now, I find that I was blind.
How could I not see the love that shined within you eye’s?
Nothing ever makes me cry, the way these memories do.
There’s not a night I fall asleep, and do not dream of you.
And though these dreams are vivid, yes. I know that there not real.
I wonder why I even try to find a way to deal.
Tempting is the thought of death. A reverie from pain.
Better that than live a life where I don’t see your face.
Knowing you will not forgive the way I let you down.
Solidifies the choice I made to end my life rite now.
I can’t go on another day without you being near.
The pain would be to much to take. It’d be to much to bare.
I’m sorry that I let you down in oh so many ways.
I’m sorry that I turned away the love you freely gave.
I’ve taken all the pills I have. And soon my breath will cease.
It’s hard to make out anything. My visions getting weak.
As I take my final breath I clearly see your face.
As I take my final breath, I die with my mistake.

Concetta Salter

Concetta Salter

Coral Springs FL.
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