Beauty And Beast Poem by Concetta Salter

Beauty And Beast

Rating: 5.0

Beauty surrounds you.
Why hide in the dark?
They don’t see the truth.
No, they just see the scars.

Under your flesh though,
There’s beauty within.
There’s a heart made of gold.
There’s a soul without sins.

Please may I ask you,
To be by my side?
Can a favor you do?
Can you join me tonight?

Let us dance under stars.
Let us breathe in the wind.
Let’s embrace what is ours.
Let us share our first kiss.

While others don’t like you.
I’ve found that I’m drawn.
You stand for the truth,
While they stand for what’s wrong.

They judge be the flesh,
What is lurking within.
And while I could care less.
All your scars make them cringe.

I’m here rite beside you.
And nothing they say,
Can make me find truth,
In their hurtful cruel claims.

Monsters can’t love.
And I know that you do.
There’s love in your touch.
And there’s love inside you.

Christina Smith 26 April 2009

FANTASTIC, loved this poem your rhyming and language thank you so much xx

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Amanda Ford 16 April 2009

wow! ! ! great poem, it has so much emotion while still telling a story of pain but hope.... keep up the great work!

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