Moment In Time Poem by Concetta Salter

Moment In Time

There are moments in time that we jus don’t forget.
To me, your that moment in time.

Getting up to go to school, it always was a chore.
I knew what I would face once there.
They’d laugh and tease, and laugh some more.
Many times I thought about ending my life.
That morning before school, I decided it would be my last day.
I’d go to school just one more time.
I’d than go home and end my life.
I went to school and took my seat, like every other day.
The teacher said we had new student joining our class.
Oh well I thought, it doesn’t really matter.
I wouldn’t be here tomorrow if you turned out to be like them.
And than there you were. Standing near the teacher.
A gorgeous smile on your handsome face.
Stop it I screamed at myself. you would be just like them.
Already you were popular. All the girls were already looking.
Oh well I thought again. Like I said tomorrow I’d be gone.
It doesn’t matter if your like them. No, it doesn’t matter.
So why than was my heart screaming for you to be different.
So lost in my thoughts, I didn’t hear the chair beside mine move.
Startled I turned my head to see your smiling face.
Oh no I thought. He doesn’t know.
doesn’t know I’m the outcast to be avoided.
That night in my room, I held the knife in my hand.
But your face wouldn’t fade from my thoughts.
I just couldn’t do it, and didn’t know why.
Like every other day before, I went to school again.
I seen you talking to the popular girls, and I knew what would happen next.
They’d tell you that I’m friendless, and I’m so not worth your time.
And when you walked my way, they did just that.
I turned around in the other direction.
I just couldn’t bare to witness the cloning that would take place.
But that was the moment. Yes that was the moment.
The moment I’ll never forget.
You turned from them, and strode my way.
You took my hand in yours.
You made me face the evil clones, and this is what you said.
She has a friend, that friend is me, a friend unlike all you.
They looked at you like you’d grown a second head.
And for once me and them had something in common.
From that day forward I went to school.
You made me realize that people can be kind and giving.
You gave me a reason to live every day.
A reason to endure what life dealt.
You gave me everything I ever wanted, and I just want you to know,

There are moments in time that we’ll always remember.
To me, your that moment in time.

rago rago 30 April 2009

A very very good poem moments in time that well always remember......very nice nice nice.......a reason to endure what life dealt.....beautiful poem,10+++

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