Mixed Emotions Poem by cecelia warner

Mixed Emotions

Rating: 5.0

So many mixed emotions
just want to scream and shout!
What needed to be said
just should've come out!
Missing you so much
to say the least...
for deep inside resides
this caged, angry beast.
Keeping it shoved down
was kept way too long,
too late now, lost the chance
to make right the wrong.
Never intended to be a disappointment,
our time alloted, now gone forever,
my broken, burdened heart
left eternally to resent.
Life has taken a drastic turn
a sting so deep inside
for an eternity
will burn.
Mom passed away,
refuse to believe you are gone.
So much time lost,
how can I carry on?
Memories of you, with love, is imbedded.
Without yoou here
time, now and forever
lost, deeply regretted.
Mom, the pain of losing you
is just too horrible to bare
This pain so deep
nothing can ever compare!
Hard to express these mixed emotions.
Never has pain been so intense
that can hold a caged, hidden beast
locked within a steal fence
So much left between us unsaid,
just can't believe you are really gone.
Again I ask,
how can I carry on?

Leila K 25 April 2007

well Cecelia.....for some reason i chose this poem to read first.....and u know what...i can relate to the sentiments.....i wish that i too could have my loved ones back...jus for a moment.....if only to say the things that were left unsaid.....lovely poem. love Leila XXXXXXX

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