Little Girl Poem by cecelia warner

Little Girl

Rating: 5.0

He never saw her tears,
He never saw her pain,
He never saw that he was driving her insane.
The ten year old would wait for him with tears in her eyes.
All because of her fathers stupid little lies.
The little girl was just starting to see.
The man that her father turned out to be.
She went into her room and took a little pill.
And, laid down on the floor to wait for it to kill.
Her father walked in and found her near the bed.
He ran over and saw that she was dead.
He found in her hands a very little note.
It said, 'I love you daddy but I know you don't'
He fell down near her body and began to cry.
He realized that she killed herself because of all his lies.
He finally saw her tears,
He finally saw her pain,
He finally saw that he was driving her insane.

(By: Shannah Mackey)

Lee Degnan 25 June 2007

Intense and immense... I'm glad to see, that although the ten-year old may have thought about it, that she didn't go through with it... proud of your skills, Shan-Banan! Love you much, Aunt Lee

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Norm Barrett 20 June 2007

this was intense, great poem

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Aurora Wells 14 June 2007

Such a sad poem, but beautifully written! ! Great job kid! ! Love ya hun...

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David N. Degnan 13 June 2007

Wow. few words more could discribe this poem, other than perhaps 'atistic', 'emotional', and 'excellent'. Great work cousin of mine!

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