cecelia warner Poems

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Masking The Truth

My life was based
on masking the truth,
not allowed to express feelings
buried throughout my youth.

Broken Family

By: Shannah Mackey

My family is broken and cannot be fixed.
I wonder if they love me or if I'm even missed.

Little Girl

He never saw her tears,
He never saw her pain,

Empty During The Day And Dark At Night

Creating a small island of hope in a sea of ruin
Sparkling and bright on Delery Street

I'Ve Tried To Hate You...

I've tried to hate you
for reasons I will try to explain.
It maybe too late now
but this I can no longer contain.

Our 'Bleeding Hearts'

You've planted many flowers for us
that are now starting to grow.
Some of them I know by name
but others, I just don't know.

Back To School

School's starting soon and I can't wait
I hope the bus isn't running late

Laugh Clown Laugh

Laugh Clown laugh,
that's what they want me to do.
I guess I'm doing something right
because this Clown made you laugh too.

Mixed Emotions

So many mixed emotions
just want to scream and shout!
What needed to be said
just should've come out!

Unsafe In A Safe

There's a safe that holds
lots of valuable things,
more precious than gold
and diamond rings.

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