Masking The Truth Poem by cecelia warner

Masking The Truth

Rating: 5.0

My life was based
on masking the truth,
not allowed to express feelings
buried throughout my youth.
'Don't tell others
what goes on behind closed doors, '
still masking the truth
and developing sores.
As time passed,
as time always does,
what was masking the truth,
still is, as it was...
I'm not talking about
telling big or even little white lies,
I'm tallking about masking pain
through silence and lying eyes.
If all this seems too confusing
then try walking in my shoes...
It feels just as confusing
because these are not the feelings I'd choose!
Most of my life,
the reason or situation didn't matter,
the mask would go up
as I feel my sanity shatter.

Joey Vigneri 01 May 2007

Certainly one of the better poems I have read in a very long time, and I think a lot of that has to do with how personable you have made it. Incredible write!

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Lee Degnan 28 April 2007

I love this one, Cel... that was awesome... By the way, after time the mask shatters too. I'll be there for you. Your sis.

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Ally Dowden 23 April 2007

Wow! Im just a little blown away! Your poem takes a well timed pace when read inside my thoughts. Your poem leaves a reader to guess what the problem was, it makes them think of themselves or situations theve been in. Well at least that what it was for me. I like it, it keeps me thinking.

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... Sheila 22 April 2007

It is sad to spend a life masking the pain....the truth. You never really disclose here, what exactly IS the truth. You cleverly leave the reader guessing, but you excellently express the agony of holding it all inside and hiding the pain. Very good job. I feel your pain! High marks from me!

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