''''''''''' Moment’s I Couldn’t Save Poem by .Pd. is here

''''''''''' Moment’s I Couldn’t Save

Rating: 3.0

The crystalline tear that slipped away
And words that didn’t help them pause.
Hands of the clock that sashay
When you want to hear the endless applause.

The stir of the lips-the whispered word
Overwhelmed with sensation previously unheard.
Brain and heart working in tandem
A vision is born glorified by anthem.

A certain wrong, and a certain right
The train chugs on, of this life.
The musings of yesterdays - burnt away
Turned into ashes of fancies for today.

Nostalgic moments I couldn’t save.
To snatch them back, I so crave.
But I’m glad that these moments were mine
For in my heart they’re engraved-

These moments I couldn’t save
Or maybe have savoured them too vividly
To even begin to forget!

(10 December 2006)

*Mandy * 20 January 2007

I love the way your poem flows! I know how it feels too when you can't save a moment. Much love! Mandy

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Arti Chopra 15 January 2007

Hi Preeti, lovely poem..havent seen you for some time happy new year..and happy writing Arti

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Asma Bahrainwala 13 January 2007

a lovely poem, Preets... and a nice reconciliation in the end... love... Asma...

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alice sunderland 11 January 2007

like this loads. lovely stuff. al xx

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Ty Robertson 25 July 2007

Very thoughtful, 'Timeless'. I love your poems keep on writing them! ! !

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... Sheila 08 April 2007

This poem is very sentimental and heartfelt. I like it very much, as I, too....tend to want to hold onto certain moments forever. You're a very talented poet.

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Nikunj Parikh 05 April 2007

some moments are engraved in our hearts forever! ! ! ! beautiful poem.....i like it a lot... keep writing! ! !

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Melvina Germain 25 March 2007

Some moments should be treasured, others we would rather forget however just to have had moments at all, makes me grateful of the thought Thanks for this wonderful poem.-Melvina-

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Pradnya P 03 March 2007

full of emotions nice n beautiful keep writing

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