Money Is Power Poem by merry(merrypens) virgo

Money Is Power

To earn good name you need a style
You may continue it for meanwhile
It may lead you to some achievement
That may be your happiest moment

You got to walk for an extra mile
You may get some mileage and shine
That will encourage you to work more
More ideas may creep in and you may explore

To lead an honorable life
You must have partner in the form of wife
She may serve and help you I n her capacity
She inspire you all the time by remaining in near vicinity

You may put all your efforts in one direction
It may strengthen your belief and put you in action
you may struggle hard and try to maintain the position
It will be proving fruitful when you try to have good composition

there is every possibility that you may loose the face
you may be thrown out and loose the race
there may be complete failure and nothing will be left to trace
you must enlighten your self to come again in such case

For scoring very high, you need not to loose your identity
You should never encourage hostility or go for enmity
you must put all your efforts to have amity
Money should not be the only consideration for its utility

Have we to sacrifice humanity to have material gain
Can any one deny it or restrict himself to the main aim?
Is there any compulsion to go in for such action?
It will invite only enmity with bad reaction

Have we gone that much crazy for money?
Do we really believe money is god and God is money?
Money may be considered essential and only key
It should not be offered as only tool for free

Money power is understood and realized
It is linked to power and symbolized
Everybody is busy collecting it and besieged
It is all time wish and can’t be frozen

Life can’t be moved an inch
Its absence is felt with punch
You may be termed as useless
Lot many problems you may have to face

The main question is whether we should have it or not
Whole thrust should be made or unnecessarily fought
Money is definitely going to play dominant role
You can play noble part and own responsibility as sole

No one can last without its use
Dangers are many if continue with its misuse
Money is essential and very powerful tool
No one can stay aloof or make anybody fool, ...: !

by: merrypens :))

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