Million Miles Away Poem by merry(merrypens) virgo

Million Miles Away

I wish on a rainbow
Is all I can do?
Through these lonely
Hours of my day
Hoping my wish will come true
When will our eyes meet?
And when can I hold you?

I dream of you a thousand times
Wishing that you’ll be mine
I want to hold you in my dreams
Make me believe this is true
Yes I know,
It’s impossible to do
And you’re so far, like
A million miles away

I write your name on a wind
That I always used to do
You are the color of love
The star, the sun, the moon
I will keep this fantasy
Because in my one and only imagination
You’re a dream that may never become true
A million miles away from me

Wish that you’ll be here
So as to hear the sweet melodies
Like voices of sweet angels
That echo in silence of obscure nights
Even the stars whisper in a mellow tune
And the world singing of the love I know
But, still I don’t know how
To grab a chance to be with you
Cause you’re so far
A million miles away from me

Joseph Poewhit 28 June 2010

Heart felt feelings behind the words.

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